Information about Children's Drop & Shop Online Marketplace

How it works

How It Works

Our website has details instructions and information as well. Visit ONLINE MARKETPLACE


1.  Create your account.  You will need a PayPal account or a checking account.
      - Select which Delivery Methods you would like to offer to Buyers (Porch Pickup, Meet Up and/or USPS)

2.  Post your items.
      - Select appropriate category (ex. Girls Clothing, Hats, Shoes, etc.)
      - Select appropriate sub-category (ex. 3T, Medium, 12-18 months, etc.)
      - Select listing type (are you selling or giving away?)
      - Input your Listing Title (include Brand, What it is, Size.  This helps with Search)
      - Input your Price
      - Select your Delivery Method
      - Input your Detailed Description (add any NECESSARY additional comments about the item here.  i.e. actual measurements or dimensions of the item, unique characteristics, etc.)
      - Input Size
      - Input Brand
      - Input Gender
      - Add 1-3 photos of item
      - Click Post Listing

4.  After the Sale, Deliver your Sold items to your respective buyers.
      - Coordinate Porch Pickups and Meet Ups
      - Mail items using pre-paid labels from PayPal


1.  Create your account.
     - If you are a Seller, you already have your account set up.

2.  Shop the online marketplace.  
       - You will need a credit/debit card or a PayPal account

3.  After the Sale, 
      - Coordinate Porch Pickups and Meet Ups with your respective Sellers
      - Receive your items via US Mail